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Wallace Equipment customers depend on their farm equipment for their livelihood, and that is why it pays to protect it. With the cost of today’s crop inputs and volatility of the markets, unexpected downtime can be devastating for many farmers.

For those customers who can bring their equipment to us “on-site” here at our location, we offer a drop off service for all your Shelbourne Reynolds, Fantini, Balzer and D.E.F. agricultural equipment. Be sure to ask about our on-site inspection and repair service options.

If you need “off-site” help with your Shelbourne Reynolds, Fantini, Balzer or D.E.F. equipment, Wallace Equipment will come to you. For customers needing off-site services at their particular location, we offer a remote service that serves our customers’ needs in the field. Leave your equipment in the field and we’ll send out one of our experienced service technicians to provide you with the help and support you need. Our remote service team’s goal is to help you reduce downtime, especially during planting and harvesting season, to help save you time, stress and energy.

At Wallace Equipment we take post-sale support and service very seriously since minimal down-time is absolutely critical for our customers to survive. We recognize this and make it our job to do everything within our power to ensure that you are successful in your farming operation.

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